Welcome to the CHATA DATA Center!

This page is designed to provide you, our Partner with an easy overview on the lodging performance of our CHATA member hotels. Please note that these figures have been collected by STR (since 2013) and are now based on a total of 13 properties which represents a maximum of 2196 Hotel rooms on the island of Curaçao.

How do we collect data?

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Visit our downloads section for monthly tourist arrival figures, Curaçao STR Reports, YTD hotel performance overviews, Caribbean STR Reports, and CHATA's hotel performance analysis.

Please note that CHATA together with STR (Smith Travel & Research) partner up on a monthly basis to collect the necessary data. Our aim is to provide you with the most accurate data available that will help you in your planning, and strategic decisions.


These figures are not meant to be published on any other 3rd party websites without prior consent with CHATA. CHATA has the right to change, adapt and or update the figures at any time. For official publications, please contact the CHATA office.


Provided by STR.  For detailed lodging performance data for your area, contact STR at (615) 824-8664 ext 3504 or Independent hotels, Click Here to participate and receive a free benchmarking report for your market.